Monday, July 8, 2013

Photography Challenges

I like to challenge myself in photography. And, I have tried various photography projects requiring consistency. 365 Day photo challenge and Day in Life photo challenge are two of my favorites projects so far. Even though I stopped my 365 Day challenge in halfway because of health issues, I was enjoying it so much!
Photo challenges are not only fun but they also do really trigger my creativity and help improve my photography. If I'm photographing for a challenge, I try to think outside the box and photograph the subject differently. Especially the 365 Day project I linked above definitely took my photography to a next level. Picking up my camera to shoot my daughter everyday pushed me hard to  practice some technical skills as well as the art skills.

These days, I'm in need of another photo project. May be I will start another challenge for the honor of this brand-new blog. Who knows?

 A 52 Week photo challenge
Monthly photo challenge
Self-Portraits Challenge
something else?

Stay tuned.. :)

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