Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello World :)

Hello, welcome to my blog! I'm İpek (pronounced as e-pak)! I'm so excited to start this blog, finally. This is a mommy blog of a photo-taker mom. So, wait for lots of family pictures and parenting adventures of mine. 

I love photography. I think it's a way of feeling and loving. It's amazing how a person loves photography even more after having a baby. Now that I want to record my little one's childhood, I take tons and tons of pictures of her almost everyday. Because images say more than words. 

Other than photography, I like travelling. As a person who is originally from Turkey, I live in California for 6 years. Even though it's hard to be far from home sometimes, most of the times it's just wonderful to live abroad and getting to know a new culture. I and my husband travel a lot and enjoy beautiful places in California. I will be more than happy to share our travelling adventures in this blog. From time to time, I will share about Turkish culture, too. Stay tuned! 

This is my 19-months-old daughter Melodi. She is a fun girl with lots of energy. I feel incredibly blessed to have her. She is the happiest color in my life! She makes me surprised and amazed each day with her intelligence and cuteness. 

With this blog, my desire is to inspire others to look at each day as a new beginning full of wonders and joy. No matter how we feel - happy or sad - there is always something to celebrate in each day. 

Thanks for stopping by. I really look forward to sharing more in here. 


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